Elasticsearch as root on docker

Hi, I’m using the docker image pro version of 8.0.17 on unraid, when I have my index settings set to not using external es, it always throw a connection error, which turns out to be because es was being ran as root, which apparently is not allowed for v5.6. After some searching, found a page in the manual describing how to fix the issue, by changing the use who runs seafile. I tried that but it says /opt/seafile/seafile-data is not owned by ‘seafile’. I’m not the best at linux permissions, and would even call myself a noob. I tried to add a seafile user to unraid, pass the puid/pgid to the container, chown the folder with the user, still inside the container it showed the folder being owned by ‘UNKNOWN’ and hence unable to start the scripts. Is there anyone who has fixed this issue, kindly be able to help?

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