Email to going unanswered


I sent an email to asking about pricing on Dec 6th and it has gone unanswered best that I can tell.

Is there a ticketing system for sales where I can check on the status?

Don’t get me wrong but it’s not controlled by a company anymore who knows how sales work properly. You’ll have to make some more noise to get served. That’s also the reason why I don’t see Seafile going anywhere bigger than a few 100 paying customers and no Enterprises with the current attitude. It improved somewhat but is still nowhere near where it could be today.

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What email address do you use?

I have sent you a private message with my email address. Thanks for checking on it!

Don’t judge with prejudice. There are many reasons why the email not got answered. For example, asking for a low discount with a few users that not fit into our normal business workflow.

Actually, our company is doing quite fine in year 2017 and the team has expanded to more than 16 members.


Yeah, I was asking for a quote for a 5 user pro license.

No reason to talk crap about the company when you don’t really know anything about their status. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply. This is very nice to hear! But you don’t update a blog or something about this or did I miss something? I did not intend to offend anybody. This reply was based on the knowledge from the past with all it’s troubles and the way many things are still handled today.

I still don’t understand why it is so hard for the Seafile staff to mark their useraccounts in the forum so users know when a developer replies “officially”. Just add the “Seafile Team” to your usernames. You should know why this is important, even if it’s just a small change.
People should know if your team grows, this gives a good impression to potential customers.

Release updates should be visible on the website as well. Not just the forum. Enterprises don’t like to look into forums and search for a release update. This should be done via a Blogging like system which also sends out a newsletter to customers when there is something new like a mayor release or security update.

Not answering an e-mail is just not something that you do. You just don’t leave e-mails unanswered. You loose potential customers like this. You could just have replied “We cannot provide you this discount”.
This customer might not buy anything but at least he/she keeps you in good memory and will suggest Seafile to other who might be able to pay for a licence. You see what I mean?

Seafile is awesome. You can see that I mean what I say by the hours I spend on the forum and the Community Manual that we will release as soon as it’s done. It just could do better in many ways with very little changes. :wink: