Error conflict library

I use seafile to backup data on my laptop.
I have two seafile server : server1 (limit to 50Go by user) - server2 (limit to 250Go by user)
On server1, I backup /home/user/document
ON server2, I backup /home/user/desktop

But, server1 is Full !
so I want to backup /home/user/document on server2.

I got this error message when I add this repository with seafile-client:

“Le chemin “/Users/user/document” est en conflit avec une bibliothèque existante”
“/Users/user/document” conflit with another existing library"

What can I do ?

thank you

Did you stop synchronization of /Users/user/document to server1? If no try desync and after that start sync to server2

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Great and good answer :point_up_2:

What I do :

  • desyncronize /home/user/document on server1 with seafile client

  • erase library document on server1 with seahub web interface

  • add /home/user/document with seafile client on server2

Thanks you very much @holantomas to take time for answer me !

it’s the first time that a forum help me :checkered_flag::trophy:

I’m glad that helped you. You can check my answer as solution for another people with same problem. It’s under my answer