Error when creating a share link for the web portal

We are currently running Seafile 7.0.10.
As a regular Seafile user, I can create share links from the client or from the web portal.

On the portal, when a I create a share link on a file, the web interface shows an “Error” message which vanishes after 1 or 2 seconds. Despite this phenomenon the link creation works normally, but it is very disturbing for our users.
If I try to create a link to a folder, the problem doesn’t occur. If I do that from the seafile client, it works without error as well.
When I list my share links within the web portal, I have many Error messages showing and then disappearing.

Does anyone have the same problem ?
Is there anything I could do ?

Thanks !

Here is what happens when I create a link from file :

And when I go to “My Shares > Links” :

Just to make sure I am clear :slight_smile:

Am I the only one to experience this ?
If anyone could answer, this would be great !

Hi Romain
this looks intimidating, absolutely.
I can reassure you this is not a general problem but has to do with your configuration/setup/… In short, a problem on your machine.
Can you please post your log files and the output from your Chrome console? This should shed some light on what is going on.

Hello @rdb ,

Thanks for your answer. Here is what the Chrome console output looks like :

As for the logs, which one do you think would be interesting ?

Best regards,

Hi, was the error found and fixed? I have the same error recently? Would be AMAZING if I could save myself troubleshooting.

Hello @SF-Ulrich,
Unfortunately no… No answer or help since my last message :frowning_face: