Error when starting Seafile Client

I have a self-hosted instance. The Seafile client works on other computers in my environment. This computer is running Windows 10 Pro 10.0.17134.

When starting the Seafile client I get the error pop-up, “Seafile client failed to initialize.” Output from the logs are below.

[01/09/19 09:31:49]read id from id file
[01/09/19 09:31:49]starting seaf-daemon: ("-c", “C:/Users/CP/ccnet”, “-d”, “D:/Seafile/seafile-data”, “-w”, “D:/Seafile”)
[01/09/19 09:34:46]seafile rpc is not ready after 16 retry, abort
[01/09/19 09:36:22]Seafile client failed to initialize
[01/09/19 09:36:22][Daemon Mgr] stopping seafile daemon
[01/09/19 09:36:22]Seafile daemon process exited normally with code 62097

[01/09/19 09:31:49] seaf-daemon.c(491): starting seafile client 6.2.9
[01/09/19 09:31:49] seaf-daemon.c(493): seafile source code version dd49e4bc26623162c8b7d5ae29c17927d3bf6718
[01/09/19 09:31:49] seafile-session.c(382): client id = 3e6e47081f0e523e5a936f96b9079ea6f872128f, client_name = unknown
[01/09/19 09:31:49] seaf-daemon.c(518): rpc server started.


same problem here, but it works if i start a second deamon. Wierd is i have to pcs with same windows version (updates etc) only difference is the processor (i7 4770 and r5 1600 (AMD not working)). After the installation the window vanished and i cant open it to log in.

This is the same problem

Which anti virus software do you use?

on both systems the windows defender. The Thing is as i installed windows it worked on my amd system, after a month windows installed an update and i did some bios updates and driver updates,after that it broke.

I tried what @Survive did and started a second instance of seaf-daemon in a window and the client worked. Could communication over named pipes to the seaf-daemon that is instantiated by the client initially be blocked for some reason?

Sorry, to answer your previous question @marcusm, I am running ClamWin anti-virus and have Windows defender disabled. The other PC where the client works also has ClamWin installed.

We had computers with and without Defender or another Anti Virus Software installed, so i think the problem is not related to anti virus. @Jonathan

Is there any news on this problem ?
I have the same issue with a customer and no solution so far…

Version 6.2.11 seems to have solved the problem.
We had the problem on two Windows 10 machines, both of them are working now.
Good !

Thanks for the info, we’ll test it.

I ended up reformatting my operating system drive and reinstalling with the latest build of Windows 10 to resolve a different problem. After doing that I have no issues. That’s obviously not a viable resolution strategy, but unfortunately I won’t be much help to continue troubleshooting. It is reassuring to know that if I didn’t reformat, version 6.2.11 may have resolved the problem or may in the future if the problem reoccurs.

Thanks everyone.

version 6.2.11 does not fix the issue, but installing a new windows help aswell in 6.2.9. So its still unknown what causes this problem.

I had the same problem on two PCs with freshly installed 6.2.11 today… when starting the seaf-daemon.exe by hand the client will start and you can use it normally, but then you have a console window open all the time.

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Do you have Acronis Active Protection installed and running? I had the same problem, almost gave up. Then I found out you have to manually add seaf-daemon.exe to the list of trusted apps. This was really hard to find out because usually Avtive Protection gives a warning message when a possibly harmful app is found - not in this case.

Now Seafile client 6.2.11 is running fine!

Update: To clarify, Acronis Active Protection is a ransom-protection tool. The described problem might also apply to other apps of that kind.