Error while installing Seafile


I’m trying to install Seafile for days now, but with every version I try (7.1, 7.0.5, 8.1 etc…) I get the error in the attachment. Can anyone provide me with help in this case?

I’m using Centos 7 as OS, but I can go ahead and reinstall the server with another OS if that would be best.

Thanks in advance!

The manual deployment instructions for Seafile PE on CentOS 8 were slightly changed. You find them here: Download and Setup Seafile Professional Server - Seafile admin manual

I tested them successfully.

I haven’t tested with CentOS 7.

I have not tested the install script.

Commenting on the screenshot above, I would say that nothing is downloaded and hence gzip throws an error.

I trust you succeeded with the installation?!