Error with seafile nginx

hello, i have some error with the configuration of my nginx but i don’t know why.
here is my nginx config file:

when i run my sitte in a browser i get this:

do you have any idea of the source of this problem? thank you in advance for your answer

A 502 HTTP error is a generic error, so there is no clear cause.

In the case of Seafile however, it means most often that Seafile is simply not running, or not running on the ports specified in the nginx file.

Are you sure your Seafile is running on port 8000/8082? What’s your

Lastly, there is a fully documented nginx file in the Seafile manual at HTTPS with Nginx - Seafile Admin Manual. Why don’t you simply compare your nginx file with the one in the official documentation? (You’ll see that your configuration can be stripped down a LOT!)

On a different note: Please do not open multiple topics in the forum on the same topic. Differently put: Could you close your other post?

I have modified the configuration of gunicorn.conf and mtn I manage to open a page,
but I can’t load the resources

now i am loading a page, but not the resources, do you have any idea what is the source of the error?
thank you

Your Seafile Server is misconfigured or there is a permission problem.

Does the user running Seafile Server have access permission to the files you see in the console?

And again: Can you please close your other post on the same topic.

yes, I think he has the rights

for the other subject I do not have the rights to close it

how to check if he has the rights ?