Events API Error


I want to use file activities API (api2/events/) but it keeps returning {“error_msg”:“Events not enabled.”}. Where do I enable this option? I’m using Seafile CE v6.2.5. In the manual says nothing about being available only to Pro.


Don’t know if it’s same but what I understand from manual is “events” in API are Activities. And activities are PRO feature so there is maybe wrong DOC.

That’s exactly what confuses me. Other Pro features in API manual have note that it’s available only for Pro and this one doesn’t… Because of that I assumed this API is available for CE too.

It would be very nice if they’d update the manual to avoid some confusions (this isn’t the first one I ran into) :slight_smile:

Yeah, I tried to make some fix in WebAPI Doc but it’s 4 months ago and still not merged and published.

Maybe it’s not PRO only API function, but activities are PRO only :smiley:

Uh, they really do take their time to merge&update :slight_smile:

Hm… that kind of makes no sense :smiley: if it’s Pro feature then the API should be Pro too, as it’s no use otherwise. Unless the CE has only API available and Pro has GUI also (if I’m not mistaken - I have no server with Pro available to try it out).

Well, I guess I’ll have to find another way :slight_smile: