Exclude .crdownload files from Seafile Sync

Dear Developers,

when downloading a file via Google Chrome to a directory that is in a library I always get the sync-error.

Since errors are now more present in the showSyncError overview ist becomes quite annoying.

I would suggest to exclude the file-extension: .crdownload hardcoded in the seafile logic because no-one needs to have a temporary download file synced.
I would also add the temp download file of FireFox and other browsers, if they create similar files in the destination download directory.

while thinking of this, maybe there are more files that absolutely make no sense to sync an should/could be excluded.

I’m aware of the exclude-seafile optionbut I dont want to have this file in every library and rather have this in the code hard or some webinterface menu für excludes.


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Why not use the seafile-ignore .txt to add an exclusion by extension?

Some libraries are so present to me (like my desktop) where I don’t want a txt file lying around there.

But maybe I could hide the file.
Ah no, I have show hidden files enabled…

I would like this feature as well, or a way to have an “extension exclusion list” so we can add our own extension exclusions. I have a lot of folders I sync and generating seafile-ignore files would be very tedious.