Exclude folders from syncing from server to client


I have a situation where I have a large library which is too large for a client device to fully sync, i.e. the capacity of the client is not large enough to hold the full library. I still want to have most of the library synced to the client. To that end, a small number of folders with large video files should be excluded from syncing, so that it fits on the client drive. Dropbox for example has a feature that accomplishes this, called ‘selective sync’. It lets you select/deselect the folders that you want to have synced. Is a similar feature possible with Seafile? If not, is it being considered or on a roadmap/is there a possibility that the feature gets added?

There are two ways which I came across myself which sort of do what I want, but are both impractical:

  • Selectively sync folders, but that means that I have to manually select almost all folders for syncing, in order to exclude a few. Newly added folders will also not get synced without manually selecting them.
  • Using seafile-ignore.txt to ignore the large folders on the client, so that you can remove these folders after they get synced (I’m not sure if this would actually work).

In this case, the new Drive Client could be of interest for you:

Thanks for the suggestion! That does seem really close to what I want. I discarded it too soon earlier, thinking it wouldn’t work well when offline.

I’m going to try it.

I’ve tried the Drive client. It works really well but it does not yet have all the features that I need. I’m missing the ability to keep certain folders synced. That feature was however on the roadmap for version 1.2 so I’ll wait for that (if I got time I could contribute).