Expired history entries will not be deleted with Seaf-gc

Hey all,

I tested the history settings on 7.0.10 PE with one library by setting it to 1 day and changing the data each day.

I realised, the expired files will be deleted when performing Seaf-gc, but the expired history entries for this file will not be deleted.
So when I click on an expired history entry (e.g. 3 days old), it opens an empty file and when i want to download this file I get an error (the website could not be displayed).

Can someone replicate this? Many thanks in advance!


Ok, it got weirder:

Now Seafile does not create new history entries for my test file, it says the current version is one day old but I changed it 2 minutes ago. Data is saved and timestamp is correct, but no history entry is created.
Running seaf-gc shows that no new block is created when I change the data which would mean that seafile really does not create any history.
But when I create a new file and I change its data, new history entries will be created for the new file.

I will keep you updated.