External share link listing

Hey all,
I’m looking for a way to quickly see any files I’ve shared via a ‘share link’

I thought I had to create a new share link for a file I’ve shared before.
It wasn’t until I right-clicked on it that I could copy the link I created before.

It seems like the ‘share admin’ only shows things shared internally.
If that could incorporate ‘external’ links, that would be great.
Share Admin

  • Libraries
  • Folders
  • Links <–(new)

Also, if you could incorporate any metrics for the link indicating how many times it was accessed - that would be killer.

I do have that menu, but I’m using the Pro version.
I can’t recall if it was there on the Community version.
And, yes, it shows a count of how many times the link has been used.

gotcha, thanks, I’m using community version and I don’t see it.

ok - I DO see it now… it was the custom CSS that I had was hiding it.