Failed To Login: Internal Server Error


I completed an upgrade of Seafile CE on a Windows Server 2012 box from v4.3.1 to v6.0.7
I had gotten this error during the upgrade script: …\ line 92 apply sqlsconn.execute
operational error: duplicate column name: login_id

Seafile will start and run, my webpage is accessible and I can login to see files and users just fine. However the client application on my Windows PC’s seems to be broken. The green link icon bottom left corner of the seafile applet shows up but when I login the APP gives me a response of: Failed to Login: Internal Server Error.

I am seeing the following line in the seahub_django_request log: django.request:256 handle_uncaught_exception Internal Server Error: /api2/auth-token/

I am running on python 2.7.4 and MQSQL 5.5.4, all clients are running 6.0.7 version of the APP

Any help would be appreciated.

Has anyone had this issue?

Have you tried to clean the server’s cache?
Have you updated your seafile client?

I have the same error with seafile-gui on ubuntu 16.04
It’s seams resolved

Could you kindly update me on how to clean server cache?
Clients are up to date.

On linux the cache path should be /tmp/seahub_cache,
on windows i don’t now. I could imagine it’s %temp%/seahub_cache or somewhere beside the CCNET_CONF_PATH (that’s what i got from the code). or you can just search for the folder “seahub_cache”
Please stop the seafile server, then remove everything inside the cache directory and start the server again.

Hi! Ive cleared out all the files under %installpath%\seafile-server\seahub_cache and started the server runtime back up. This didnt appear to have any effect. I then shut down the server runtime and reran the upgrade script which yielded the same error as before duplicate column name: login_id

So still in the same boat as before. Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Im still having this issue. Anybody out there able to help?

Have you upgraded step by step with each upgrade script or did you run only the latest update script?
Also there is another seafile update to 6.2.0 beta (you may need some manual investigation to udpate your database).

Can you test to connect the App from another pc where there is no old configuration?

Running each upgrade script in order did work. I encountered errors on a few of them but the last script ran successfully. Thank you very much for your help and suggestion.