Failed to safe current account with SSO

Many users have been reporting that they can’t relogin after logging out of their account in Sync-Client. The error message says “failed to safe current account”. So far there appears no other solution than to remove and re-setup the account from the sync-client.

Client logs don’t point to anything.

Only occurs with accounts that use Shibboleth/Single-Sign-On !

So far seen with client versions 7.0.4, 7.0.5, 7.0.6

Hope someone can help!

can you help me debug this. I would be happy to supply additional information!

As I said: The logs don’t say anything the gui isn’t already pointing out.

Many users where? In your organization? In the forum?

Do you use Seafile CE or Seafile PE? Which server version? What is the client’s platform - Windows, Mac, Linux (which version)? What AV-programm do you use?

Hi rdb,
sorry for being unclear. I was referring to people from our University. We are a pro customer and are using Seafile Pro 6.3.13 right now. My guess was, that this is more a problem of the client, than of the server, which is why I might have forgotten to mention infos regarding our installation. Sorry for that.

To be honest, not that many people are affected because only few logout from the client at all.

It was reported from people using windows 10 with the client versions mentioned earlier.

On the win10 System I verified this might have been an active instance of Windows-Defender.

Let me know if you need any more information!


I have never heard of the problem to be honest.

Can you show us exactly what the people do? I am asking because when you log out of your account in the sync client, the account is NOT deleted. All you have to do is to reprovide it with the password. So the error message seems odd.


Please see the attached screenshots

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I can confirm this problem. I cannot re-login but I could delete the whole seafile config and then create a new account. Seems like a client bug!?