Failed to stat: File name too long (macOS) - Seafile hanging up on nested symlink trees

(Sorry, I tried to post about this earlier but somehow clicked the wrong button and it got withdrawn.)

I’m trying to migrate from Dropbox to Seafile, and I’m getting a lot of errors like this for some of my file paths:

[05/31/23 22:46:37] repo-mgr.c(3314): Failed to stat /Users/foobar/Seafile/macos/Books/ File name too long.

The thing is, this path just includes a lot of symlinks pointing back up the tree. The actual path is just:

I think Seafile is over-following symlinks for some reason.

For context, I keep installed macOS applications in Dropbox, and I’m trying to move them into Seafile. Things have mostly been indexed correctly, but it seems to hang up on these paths that include symlinks.

Is this a limitation that can be overcome or should I stick with Dropbox? I don’t need to sync to Windows, just between my Linux server and my Linux and macOS clients.


A related issue is that when this error occurs, the Seafile macOS client hangs on that directory and just keeps filling up the log file with gigabytes of error messages with these paths without making any progress. The problem resolved once I moved this directory out of the Seafile folder. Perhaps the client is getting stuck in a loop?