Favicon.ico / only default is showing


at first my issue here is only cosmetic, but if you don’t know why is still in my head :sleepy:

I update the seafile (CE) server from 8 version to latest 9.0.2 - as always without problems. If I open the login page, the default origin favicon from seafile will be display, but I use customized favicion logo. I try to update the favicon.ico over the web gui and also override over linux console (seahub-data/custom/favicon.ico) without success.

Browser cache was complete deleted and I try with differnt kind of browser - still same result.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you.

We will check the problem

Same problem here after upgrading to 9.0.2.
Any ideas what’s causing this?
I also tried to update the setting via webgui and seahub_settings file in nano, but nothing helped.
Still the default favicon, although the custom icon is in the custom folder.
Custom logo works without any issues.

The favicon image file name is changed in version 9.0. We will update the document about how to change favicon accordingly after 9.0.3 is released.

Great, thank you!

I still have got the same problem in CE 9.0.2 and can’t find any solution within the manuals. In the meanwhile 9.0.5 is released.
Any ideas?
BR Olei