Feature Request (Android): Specify one Folder (Whatsapp) to get uploaded every night automatically

Hi there,
I wonder whether it could be implemented to upload the Whasapp Folder every night to my Seafile server. This Folder is located on the phones SDCard directory “Whatsapp” and contains all media, chats, videos, simply everything. Unfortunately only google drive is implemented in WhatsApps Backup system as a cloud backup service. But if seafile simply could upload (incrementally) the entire folder to my own server I could always simply copy the folder back manually in case of a broken or stolen phone. I really love the camera upload feature, but this would also protect my very personal communication data from loss.

Please consider this one way sync from Android to Computer/Server. This is no two way sync request… simply the one way from phone to server (at specifiable time).

Besides this: My greatest thanks to your piece of software and your efforts on this :slight_smile:


I use the App FolderSync. It syncs via webdav and does exactly what you want

But it isn’t OSS. There should be a possibility to upload / synchronize specified folders on Android devices for Seafile. :slight_smile:

Thank you for this hint! I have no webdav (seafdav) running, but if this really makes this, then its worth a try. How does it sync the files? Is it noticing duplicates? I mean… my Whatsapp Folder ist 4.5GB. When your solution does upload the files without indexing or so, than this would take awfully long and then if it is not just uploading the diff, it would bloat this directory on my seafile server. Would I have the capability of viewing and restoring snapshots in seahub? Or is seafdav completely different and I could not access the files through seahub webinterface?

[quote=“epinez, post:3, topic:586, full:true”]
But it isn’t OSS. There should be a possibility to upload / synchronize specified folders on Android devices for Seafile. :slight_smile:
[/quote] Could you explain what OSS means?

OSS means open source software. FolderSync is completely proprietary and even costs money. I have been using it, too. But I would prefer a seafile-side solution. I also follow https://github.com/haiwen/seadroid/issues/55 but the topic isn’t very active - unfortunately.


Ah okay.

Funny, I see that I’ve written there some weeks ago ;). Totally forgot it, but came now into my mind as I had to change my mobile phone and whatsapp folder got corrupted somehow.

That would be great as there is no free and open-source webdav client for android.


Wouldn’t it be possible just to change the existing “Camera Photo Upload” into something like “Oneway Folder Upload”?

It on application. App can use something like rsync. That’s mean it looks on your webdav and on your folder and compare files. Then just upload only changed(overwrite) or new files. So it’s not uploading whole folder.

You have fully access on files thought SeaHub which were uploaded over WebDAV/SeaDAV. Server indexing uploaded files on his own if you upload files over this.

It’s totally same. Theres no difference between files uploaded over WebDAV. It’s just somethink like you manually upload file’s over SeaHub form.

I don’t know how FolderSync app works, but I see link to this app over the internet as best solution, so I guess it’s not just stupid app which upload files. I’m guessing it will support RSYNC or something similiar.

+1. I’ve been wanting this since at least 2 years. Allowing to sync an arbitrary number of folders should be the user’s concern (for their batteries), not the app’s. Thanks!