File count difference


We are in the process of moving an old Windows 2k8 Server based FTP server to our on-promise SeaFile Community Server. It’s a virtual machine (CentOS 7) running on top of ProxMox.

As we are using it at multiple locations and it works flawlessly everywhere there was no question if we were going to use SeaFile again.

Everything seems to be perfect even tho there is a problem that we can’t really figure out at the moment. Matter of fact we are not ever sure if it’s a problem.

So we started to copy all of our data to SeaFile by installing the SeaDrive client on the old Windows server and we just simply copied every file to there. We are talking about ~3TB of data, most of it are small PDF/Word/Excel documents so yeah…it took some time but eventually it finished without any errors.

After the copying process finished I went to see the WebGUI to setup permissions and whatnot and I noticed that the file count on the WebGUI is not okay. For example there is a folder and:

  • at it’s original location Windows says there is 1983 files in this folder
  • still on the server but in the SeaDrive location (S: drive) it says 1983 files --> so it’s still okay
  • but the WebGUI says there are only 1957 files in the folder

I checked the difference between the original location and the SeaDrive folder with WinMerge and it says that theye are completely identical. So theoritically everything is synchronized with SeaFile but the WebGUI does not counts (?) some files.

This would be very important to figure this out before we make a move to SeaFile. These are very important stuff and it would be more than a problem if there would be any files that we cannot access/share from SeaFile.

This indicates that he did not transfer some files.

If you installed seadrive on another machine you will see the difference.

It’s the seadrive cache that plays tricks on you.

then it’s possible it’s a little weird files, like files made from Mac.

Some files are automatically ignored by SeaDrive/Seafile. E.g.

  • files begin with ~$ (Office temp files)
  • Thumbs.db
  • .DS_Store
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Ah I see! Okay, thanks a lot!