File locking in community version with temp MS files

We’re are trying out Seafile after having to move away from Nextcloud since it stop synchronizing in mostly all of our computers due to the large amount of files our company has. When I was researching Seafile I thought the locking files being a pro feature was a deal-breaker but then I saw that the SeaDrive client allowed the synchronization of ~$ temp files and I thought that would be enough to have basic file locking in office files.

But even though the temp files are being synced excel is opening the file in both computers in edit mode. Has anyone gotten this to work or am I wrong assuming this would be enough and we need the pro version feature?

I was investigating in this issue for the last days: I do not understand why Office is not complaining, as it should see the temp file. This would be a very important feature for the community version, too.

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