File path contains symbols that are not supported by Windows - I use Linux!

Does anyone know how to fix this? I have a laptop (Debian 10) running Seafile Client 8.0.1 and it works great. The laptops running Mint (8.0.2) and Arch (8.0.3) give me the “File path contains symbols that are not supported by the Windows system” error. I don’t have a Windows machine, and I have no plans to get one. Downgrading is not something I do lightly, mainly because I’m not sure how to do it.

It is affecting my data, as I have noticed that some files and folders are not being synchronised.

So, does anyone know of a timeline for the fix? Failing that (and I’m not trying to be disruptive here) can anyone recommend an alternative? I use Seafile primarily because I really like the functionality of the Seadrive client. But it’s not much good if I can no longer trust data’s integrity.

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Thanks! So it will be 8.0.4?

I have 8.0.3, and the problem is still there. That’s why I asked if the new version would be 8.0.4. My linux server is 8.0.5. As you will see on the screenshot, I have selected “Hide Windows incompatibility paths Message”.
I have just done a fresh server install. Is my data going to be copied over or not? Thanks.

I’ve discovered that Seadrive works pretty well for initial data uploads (to a server). I’m probably going to remove the Seafile client and just use Seadrive from now on. My data doesn’t change all that much, and I use it primarily for streaming music and video. Seadrive excels at that!

After upgrading to Fedora 35 this problem also occurs to me. In the settings is an option to hide the messages, will it still upload the files? This is a disaster.

Edit: It seems like the option is doing fine and the files are uploaded.

Also the client crashes with sigsegv when hovering over the setting wheel on the top right.

Are you referring to the newly added settings button in the main window?

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Can confirm this for Manjaro (Arch), even I did a clean rebuild of every library as discussed in AUR comments.

Can’t speak for shoeper, but yes. :laughing:

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Yes, I do