FILE_SERVER_ROOT relative path workaround?

For a number of reasons I am not able to setup up Seafile to be accessed using the same host name from all locations.
Has someone managed to find a way using plugins, userscripts or another method to get this working, we are evaluating this, it seams like such a good product and it is just such a shame that this is the only feature that is stopping us from using it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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It seams strange that for a file transferring system more people are not asking for this functionality. Have you come across any solutions or workarounds or any indications as to when this will be worked on? how can i vote for this feature.

There are some workarounds, but you won’t be able to access the server with different DNS names (Unless you do something more sophisticated than port forwarding), you can just change the addresses these point to on different subnets.

As for voting things, IDK, the maintainers actively answer questions asked by the community so there’s a chance they stumbled upon your post or mine and I don’t doubt they will consider this as a priority if enough people ask for it, although a “We’ll consider adding this to the roadmap some time in the future” or a “Lol patch it yourself you lazy fag” would be much appreciated.

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