I am mirroring my public seafile server to my private homeserver via rsync & mysqldump. Unfortunately, since version 11 (used 9 before), the service_url/File_server… are overwritten by the Database, so that the entries in ccnet.conf / are ignored.

Is it possible to change this behaviour so that the .conf files are prioritized? Because, otherwise, everytime i do the mysqldump, my homeserver-mirror will have the wrong file_server_root.

The Seafile manual says about this:
If FILE_SERVER_ROOT is configured via System Admin and in, the value in System Admin will take precedence.”

“If” ? does it mean I can delete the value in the gui? Because it gives me an error when I try to.

Alternatively, is it possible to write a script to change the mysql database? Unfortunately I wouldnt know how.

Or, another alternative, is it possible to name 2 URLS instead of just one?

My system:

Debian 12, Seafile CE 11, behind Apache Reverse Proxy.

Found a workaround:

If i add


then there are no web/gui settings anymore that can override anything it seems at first glance at least.

I’ve given it a try, seems to work perfectly:

use seahub-db;
delete from constance_config where constance_key in ("SERVICE_URL", "FILE_SERVER_ROOT");

COOL! Thanks. I might implement it just as well so that I have full functionality in Gui settings still.