File Upload failed - Unknown error

I have tried searching but haven’t been able to resolve my issue.

I’ve set up a fresh seafile server using python. Ports 8000 and 8082 are correctly forwarded. Everything works apart from uploading files; I get the error:

File Upload failed
Unknown error

This happens with any file on the Web UI, and the android app.

Running Windows 10

Edit: can’t reply with more than two links so the other two logs are here




Is there any error info in your chrome/firefox debug console ?

Is there any error info in your seafile.log, seahub_django_requests.log and seahub.log ?

Chrome debug is here

(the ‘failed to link E:/…’ might be the issue?

May not apply to your case, but just in case or it helps someone else, I had this error using the docker image until i put the host specified with -e into my hosts file.

so for me it was

when I was connecting to localhost

(note I’m not talking about the hosts file inside the running container, but the hosts file on the host machine)

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