Files not deleted in Amazon S3

I have setup seafile-pro-server-7.0.9 using docker, running behind Traefik 2.0.1 with Cloudflare as CDN and storage on Amazon S3
Everything (webui, certificates,client sync etc.) is working as expected - apart from one biggie:
Files (and libraries) deleted in Seafile (webui or client) remain in S3.
History for the library is disabled, trash is empty and no versioning is enabled on S3.

I posted configuration files on github:

Any suggestions?

You have to run GC to delete old files and libraries, see:

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Thank you @marcusm - seems to have done the trick.
Quite a lot of error messages from the script:
Anything I should be worried about?

Glad to hear that. - You should check if memcached service is running and configured correctly. See:

Found the error… corrected the following lines in seafile.conf:
memcached_options = --SERVER=localhost --POOL-MIN=10 --POOL-MAX=100
memcached_options = --SERVER=memcached --POOL-MIN=10 --POOL-MAX=100

Had issues with GC destroying the libraries, but after fixing memcached and starting over it seems to be working as expected.

Thanks again.

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