Fileserver manual upload from terminal

Is it possible to manually upload a file to seafile from the cmdline on the seafile server? If so, how would I do it?

I have a large file repository on the same server as I run Seafile on and sometimes I want to make a large file (typically > 3 GB) available in seafile. Right now I have to transfer the file to another computer from the server and then upload it via the web interface. I would like to skip the transfer back and forth on the network and somehow add the big file to seafile directly by moving it to a specific directory or call some binary to contact the fileserver at 8082 and perform the transfer locally.

I realize that I might be able to install the seafile client on the server machine and sync a directory, but I would prefer to not have the file take up twice the amount of storage space.

Hi @Jimmy_Fjallid there are some ways to do it

  1. As you said, sync library
  2. Use SeaDrive CLI client (But it’s in BETA state so I cannot recommend that to you) Help
  3. Use webApi(web interface aka SeaHub using this). Manual

I’ve setup SeaDrive on Fedora and it seems to work but I would have liked some indication of progress of file upload except for monitoring the logs as the file is not available in Seafile directly after it is moved to this directory.

I looked at the webAPI, but i think it might be a bit too cumbersome to use upload links and curl for my use case. Anyway, I’ll consider this issue solved as it seems like there are no alternative solutions other than the three you presented.

Keep in mind that Seahub work exactly same. Seahub using WebApi so it’s creating upload link too but this is not same Uploading link as zou can create in seahub for someone else. This upload work only on API a maybe onlz with your Api Key(not sure about that).