Finder Extension using both SeaDrive + SeaFile clients

Hello all,

It seems to me that having both seadrive and seafile clients in same laptop (yes, this has sense if you want to have a full copy of some libraries in an external, mac formated, drive), Finder extension added icons only works for one of them, seadrive in my case.
Does this happen to anyone else?


Both extensions works together on my Mac. I’m running macOS 11.2.

Sorry, are you using 7.0.10 or beta 8.0.0 version? I’m using latest 8 beta

I’m also using 8.0.2 version. Have you tried to disable extension and then re-enable it in Seafile settings?

Right now I’m trying 7.0.10, same hapens.
In any case, the first full library sync (~0.5Tb of files) has not finalised yet (I’m also trying to guess why it’s taken so much time) so may be this is the problem.
Tried disable -> re-enable with no luck.

I’ve two problems right now with the sync client. One (the minor) is the finder extension, that did not work but this may be related to second one, which is that it doesn’t manage to synchronise the entire library. I’ve left the app running for more than one day and it starts downloading files, eventually reaching the expected transfer for my connection speed (300Mb Home, 1Gb Server), but just during bursts of time and without being able to sustain it, which results in an average transfer rate of few kb. I can see the GET commands in the seafhttp log, but they came slowly.

I am much more concerned about this second issue, as I’m not really being able to fully download 2 libraries with a total of less than 1Tb, just a few GBs. According actual progress it would need some weeks to fully download that, which is far from useable. I’ve low CPU, memory and I/O useage, Do you know how to debug what would be happening? (nginx(SSL)->seafile installation)