Flash Drive Encryption Key

A while back on the old forum there was a topic about the ability to put the encryption key on a flash drive, as a security feature and if it would be removed the seafile data would be rendered useless unless the flash drive was reintroduced to the system, however I do not see that on the roadmap, did that idea get canned?

I also am starting to see the roadmap dwindle down which is good and bad, good because that means Seafile is evolving! Bad in the aspect that it leads one to believe that seafile will become stagnant.

The roadmap has not been changed. It is same as before.

We don’t have a plan to add flash drive encryption key support.

Sorry I stated that wrong in version 5.1 roadmap -

  • Ability to encrypt all data by server key. Key has to be generated by administrator.

Which one would assume the key could be held on a flash drive, and physically tethered down incase the physical server was stolen rendering the data useless.

This is already implemented


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