Folder in encrypted library cannot be shared


Seafile Pro 7.0.10

When I create an encrypted library, I can share this library to other users. But when I try to share a folder inside an encrypted library, the web gui shows the error “Library can not be shared to owner.”. This message doesn’t make sense. Using the Windows client, it is not possible to chose the option “Share to user” on the folder.
@daniel.pan: Can folders inside of encrypted libraries not be shared, in general? Then the behaviour of seahub must be a bug.

This is one of the limitations of encrypted libraries: Folders within encrypted libraries cannot be shared with other users.

I agree with you that
a.) … for as long as the feature is not implemented, there should be no share icon within encrypted libraries (public links are not possible either in encrypted libraries)
b.) … once the feature has been implemented, the error message needs to be removed along with the link-related menu items.

This problem has apparently never been spotted when the new (React-based) Seahub was introduced with Seafile 7. The old Seahub (Django-based) accounted for the limitations of encrypted libraries and did not show these features.

Thanks for the reply. That’s what I was expecting.