Folder size in web UI

Hi together,

I am hosting a seafile pro server since a few months (swiched from painfully slow nextcloud).

So far everything works perfect and I did not experienced any issues with seafile.

But: From nextcloud I was used to a displayed folder size in the web UI. In seafile (seahub) only the size of bibs is shown.

Is there any way to configure seahub to also show the size of subfolders in bibs?

Tanks and greetings,

Welcome to the Community Forum! Glad to hear that you are happy with your switch. Believe me: Seafile is a great solution - orders of magnitude better than Nextcloud - when it comes to file synchronization. When you don’t need video chat, calendar sync (and all the other bloat), Seafile is the right choice.

Unfortunately, Seahub, Seafile’s web interface cannot display the folder size. There is no config option. If you want to know the size of a folder, you need to use your local file browser where you have you libraries synced (sync client) or your folders mapped (drive client).

Hi rdb,
thanks for your answer. It would be nice to have the file size displayed in Seahub, but I can live with that.
I will never switch back to Nextcloud :slight_smile: