Force Saving OnlyOffice


The changelog of 6.3.7 mentions that the force-save feature in OnlyOffice has been removed again.
I truly hope this feature will return (but fixed I guess?) since it’s an important function to be user-friendly towards casual users of the software.

Thank you!


The bug is caused by the OnlyOffice side.

If you enable force-save and the user save a file manually, then another user open the file, the two users will work on different versions of the file. The one saved will overwrite the other.

Until the bug is fixed in OnlyOffice, the current best practice is let the user close the file to force the file be saved.


I see, the only problem with that is that the file is not saved until ALL users close the file and that can be very confusing behavior. I hope this will become a “normal” situation one day where a user can save the file or discard all changes. Just like on the desktop, although that will probably never happen :slight_smile: