Force sync from client to server

Hi there

Due to a hardware error, certain objects in the storage (S3 compatible) are unfortunately no longer available.

However, all files are available on a local PC because the Seafile client is installed there. Seafile works normally and all files can be opened locally. Seafile itself didn’t notice the failure, the objects simply can’t be opened anymore but nothing was changed on the client.

Now my question: Is there any way for the client to synchronize all files to the server again, even if the server thinks that the file is unchanged? Probably all files would have to be overwritten by the client on the server?

There would of course be a solution to simply create a new library and synchronize all files from the local folder with it, but then the history would be lost.

Maybe someone has an idea how best to do that?

Just use manual sync or de- and resync the library.

Thank you for your reply.

Sure this does sync one-way from local to server and overwrite the files on the server even if date and size didn’t change?

Maybe it’s wise to delete the Folders on the Servers first to avoid SFConflict Files.