Free up space on mobile! Get the smartphone disk space available again!

The images and videos are the number 1 reason our smartphones run out of disk space. Why not giving an option to Seafile users to “Free up space” on smartphones by allowing to delete already uploaded images to the server?

Google Photos App has this feature and this is really one of the best features ever that many apps don’t have. But I don’t want to use Google.

With the current setup it’s kind of a lottery for me to delete pics and videos on my smartphone since I’m not sure which files are uploaded to the Seafile Server and which are not. The only safe way is to compare individual files which takes ton of time since the there is no indication that the folder is uploaded completely.

Dear Seafile Team, please consider this an important feature to have since you will indeed make many smartphone users happy by letting them to create new pics and not run out of disk space on their small devices!



I would like to add, it should also include a feature to selectively chose which folder to sync as source and to which folder within a Library as a destination


On Android you might give FolderSync a try. It has an option to delete source files after transfer. You will have to use webdav to make it work with Seafile.