Future of Seafile Server for Windows?

Hi, i want to ask about the future of Seafile Server for Windows? The current version is already quite old. Is it planned to update the sever version sometime or will the native Windows version be replaced by Docker images? Or will the windows version fully given up soon.

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I’m not shure about this. but I helped somebody with Seafile Server for Windows and he had features, e.g. the markdown editor, that were not included in Linux server 6.0.7. So may they already worked on this. But I’m not shure about this.

What is the problem with using Linux for server applications if security and flexibility is better than on Windows?
Docker might also work but the official Seafile docker image doesn’t really keep to standards and is therefore not scalable.

Always replying “use Linux” it not the answer and not helpful :wink:

There are many reasons as well as running installations on Windows.

So back to the original question: What is happening with Windows support? Any future?


What reasons? There were people whose can’t believe that I only use Linux, never Windows. And there are possiblities of Docker (There are also others available) or use it in a VM. And as I’ve said they made changes. Do you have the markdown editor?

Please, not again this discussion why Linux…

The questions asked is: What is the future of the windows version? And this question is now months old and still no reply from the seafile team. If there is no future just let us know so we can start to search for alternatives.

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Thanks for blocking the old linux vs. windows discussion, but you’re right, that was not my question. Any comments from seafile team regarding my original question?

There is docker. Docker has nothing to do with Linux.

Docker does not run on Windows Server 2012, you need 2016 - which we will not deploy for many years.

Again, the question is: What is the future of the native Windows version?

By the way: We moved from Owncloud to Seafile as Owncloud stopped Windows support.

Only @daniel.pan can answer the question.

The native Windows version will not be maintained in the future.

Thanks for the clear and unambiguous response!

Windows users won’t like this verdict. Understandably. (Some may even feel betrayed as they migrated to Seafile for this very reason.)

At the same time, I think it makes sense to pool and focus Seafile’s resources. If you try to make everyone happy, no none will be. And for the mindful observer, it has always been clear that the Seafile server for Windows was the unloved sidekick and its phase-out a real risk.

This said: If I can make a wish based on this discussion: An update on the Seafile roadmap would be great. Even better would be a somewhat more granular outlook. I am not only talking features, I am also talking Seafile components: Server, sync client, drive client, mobile apps.

A well-structured roadmap is a powerful communication tool. It allows Seafile to manage user expectations and it prevents users from being surprised by feature changes in updates or death verdicts to server versions. Ideally, this roadmap would also give as unambiguous an answer on the Windows server on some other hotly debated topics in forum: Docker, search function in Seafile CE, production version of the Seadrive client,…


Very disappointed to hear this as the existing product is pretty good. Ohh well, time to give more money to Microsoft for OneDrive. The one feature I do like about OneDrive is files on demand although there are lots of other “features” of OneDrive that I don’t like.

Can you at least update the website to indicate that Windows Server is no longer supported.

Good evening.
This is really a bad new… We moved our w2008r2 server from owncloud to seafile that is performing fine.
Please reconsider your decision… Thank you in advance.

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Hey guys,

I understand your disappointment/frustration.

Allow me this remark: Daniel said

So it is perfectly fine to continue using it. I don’t use one myself, but I heard people saying good things about it. Just do not expect to get updates for the windows server.

Hi Rob,
have you checked out the Seafile Drive Client? SeaDrive gives you on demand access to all your data in your Seafile libraries (your own libraries and the ones shared with you). And it should also work with the Seafile server for Windows (SeaDrive requires Seafile server 6.0 or higher).