Generate temporary download link

How I can do it using the API ?

When thinking about using the API, it is always helpful to have a look in the API documentation.

Seafile’s API documentation is part of the manual. Infos on how to create, manage,… sharing links by API, you find here:

I’m not speaking about “Share link”. I’m speaking about “temporary download link”.

Please specify what you mean by “temporary download link”. In my world, a temporary download link is a download link (aka sharing link) with an expiration date.

It’s not it.

It is a unique link that is generated dynamically when you make a request. It is generated at the time of requesting the file and can expire soon after downloading or after a few hours.

Amazon S3 allows you to download it for example only once and then the link expires. Dropbox expires the link after 3 hours.

Welcome to my world.

Minimum expiration the is currently 1 day as far as I know. At least via gui.

I would love to see expiration times below that and download limits.
@daniel.pan @JonB is that something you could add into 7.2/8.0?

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github. com/nextcloud/server/issues/6841

Have you ever tried with a fraction of a day via the API? Felinto wants to use the API anyways.

You are entitled to your own world. But wording a question in a way so that they can be understood, helps others to enter your world. And using Seafile nomenclature (rather than Amazon, Dropbox or Nextcloud terminology) helps a great deal in this regard.

I don’t know why you added that last reply to the topic if it doesn’t help at all with resolving it.

This is a concept that exists elsewhere, as I mentioned. It’s not my fault if you don’t know.

If you have anything that can help answer my question, feel free to answer this topic, otherwise, I prefer that you do not answer.

This IS an attempt to help you!

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I was speaking about your last reply.

Enjoy your day.