GET /api/v2.1/repos/{repoId} 404

First, i cant upload to seafile and get some files with 502 gateway error and ../../common/obj-cache.c(111): Failed to set 01a4c8bb-0fe0-4530-a7fd-387d727768a4-fa9daacdb5c25a71c1ef294b8d8eb8dd5e149909 to memcached: SERVER HAS FAILED AND IS DISABLED UNTIL TIMED RETRY. like lines in the logs.
I’ll read this forum and try to run seaf-fsck and seaf-gc.
Now I have GET /api/v2.1/repos/b285beab-d15b-40a7-a004-d4233455efe1/ return 404 on web UI and looks like I lost access to my files.
Can anyone help me?