``.gitignore``-like negation patterns not implemented for ``seafile-ignore.txt``

I’d like to request the addition of negation patterns to the seafile-ignore.txt syntax.
The negation patterns can allow a user to not ignore a path that was previously marked as ignored (effectively whitelisting it).

Example: Let’s say you want to only sync files app1/config.xml and app1/app.exe to a seafile library, but app1/ can contain an arbitrary amount of unwanted files generated by app1/app.exe on runtime, with exclusion patterns you could solve this problem by adding this to seafile-ignore.txt on that library:


This could be achieved by creating symbolic links from /home/user/app1/config.xml and /home/user/app1/app.exe to app1/ and then running /home/user/app1/app.exe from there. Sadly for Windows users, Seafile desktop does not read symbolic links to files correctly, making that impossible.


Hey Seafile Team,

Are there any plans to implement this?