Giving more visibility to sharing

Hi all,

I’d like to discuss about sharing visibility in a context of a group librarty shares.

Here is the context :

A superuser creates libraries X and Y and shares them with write permissions to a group A he created

He also shares subfolder X.1 to another group B with write permissions.

A user in group A a is concerned about the sharing options of subfolder X.1, because he doesn’t want to put a confidential file that could be seen or modified by another group.

But he can not see the sharing options, because he is not the owner of the libary nor the creator of the share.
And, even if he would, he should go to the sharing menu to see the shares of the object, which is quite not user friendly.

Then why not using the right panel in last version to display, for libraries and subfolder, all the shares ?
Like “this element is shared by user A to user/group B”
And, a more explicit button for details could be very useful.

See the pictures below :