GlusterFS as local storage target for Seafile-data

Has anybody done this before? I know that this is maybe not the best way to have a high performance system, but it surely provides a high available storage backend, which is enough if one only has to cope with some TB for a private server.


You can just use GlusterFS by POSIX interface.

Recommended block size based on some setting in Seafile?
I remember that there is a setting to define block size or something like this.

The block size can vary. Small files are not divided into blocks. Large files are split into 1, 2, or 8MB size blocks. So it’s hard to recommend file system block size if you don’t aim for a special application.


Most blocks are very small, though. @DerDanilo you can analyse the files on your current server to find out more about the average size.

E.g. using find and wc -l it is easy to find files smaller / larger than 4 MiB.

I’ve got about 2.000.000 files out of 450GB.

find . -type f -size -4096c | wc -l number of files smaller than 4KiB

Or 4M for smaller than 4 MiB

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Do the seafile free version supports any one of these, Glusterfs or Ceph?