Golang file server issue


after update to new 9.0.2 ce version, i tried to enable golang file server.
speed of listing folders very up!

but, seafile client not sync lib’s

error in fileserver.log:
2022/01/25 07:26:46 Seafile file server started.
2022/01/25 07:27:45 path /repo/962993ba-cc0f-4f78-8ff3-55a5d85c23ed/fs-id-list/ internal server error: Failed to get fs id list: Failed to find dir 962993ba-cc0f-4f78-8ff3-55a5d85c23ed:0ed019ffafbff4cec46a41951e2b915a0b5ada17

error on client side:
[01/25/22 07:04:21] http-tx-mgr.c(4024): Bad response code for GET https://superserver/seafhttp/repo/8544bb1e-2c32-4f20-beed-26bebcfdca99/fs-id-list/?server-head=90c46bee42959764f9e4a27d0ed1fb200273ae59: 500.
[01/25/22 07:04:21] http-tx-mgr.c(4604): Failed to get fs id list for repo 8544bb1e on server https://superserver.

currently, forced to disable golang, as there are a lot of users on the server, and a huge library (more than 5 terabytes). but how to be?

Hello, the current go file server of seafile has some problems, which will be fixed in next release, you can disable golang file server now, and it will use C file server by default.