Good VPS or option for personal use?


Sorry, I thought I had mentioned the user count. It is a small install with only 4 users. Each has their own library and their own camera uploads library, and there are also 3 shared libraries that are shared among the users. Encryption and history are enabled on all but the camera uploads libraries. Total data is around 35GB. There are 6 connected computers and 5 connected mobile devices. Two of the shared libraries are the most actively used so when there are changes in those they sync to three or four devices at the same time. But that would be the max concurrent.

I do not know how far it could scale, but as I mentioned I also have CrashPlan running on the box which is a bit of a cpu and iops hog when it runs its data compaction and cleanup (about 3 hours daily and once a week for about 6 hours). Even when that is running I see no issues with my Seafile instance.

The server is running Ubuntu 14.04 with Seafile 6.07, but I have been running this server since 4.3.2. I am also using the apache method to proxy the web traffic to enable SSL (with seahub fastcgi).

Not exactly the answers you were asking for, but that is what I know and can offer.


Thanks, I consider their VPS for encrypted data backup, but the IOPS might be to low and I am not sure if rsync runs without problem as it’s OpenVZ.


The second storage server I purchased from Time4VPS I am using for a small rsync instance. It is doing daily rsync of a two web servers and two database servers. As part of each remote rsync job I also have it doing local rsync to create a copy of the prior day’s job, so I also have a rolling 10 days of backups for each server on disk. Core size of data is only about 1GB (~25,000 files), but with the duplicates it is about 10GB (~250,000 files). Change rate is not huge, but even when I was doing the initial sync of all servers it had no issues.


We would move several hundread GB there on a daily basis. They say that these servers have quiet a few TB traffic, so far that is the only issue I see there. :slight_smile:


Hmm, that is a tough one. Total bandwidth they give is 10GB for the 1TB storage server and 20 TB for the 2TB storage server. But I think all storage plans are capped at 200 iops. It is probably highly dependent on the data file sizes. I might try purchasing one for just a month to do a capacity test and then decide if you might need 2 or 3 storage servers to handle the load or only 1. Then of course look at the numbers and make sure the costs are reasonable. If so, you can then order a yearly or bi-annual plan for the discounted price. I probably spent too much time on Low End Box trying to find the best deal :slight_smile:
I use SpeedyKVM for my email, webs and more critical servers as they are fast (and KVM), reliable, and SSD storage. Then Time4VPS for backups of those boxes. With SpeedyKVM, prices and capacity vary with each data center location. So look carefully over the plans for each location.
Oh I forgot to metion that I also have an rsync going to my seafile, crashplan server. It is a daily rsync of my email server which has a lot of change and about 60GB of data. So the Time4VPS seems to handle the abuse.

Good luck.


For Personal use, you can choose OVH with 2GB ram just only $3.5/month. If you need high RAM you can choose Contabo or VPSDime.


Contabo is crap, always crashing and lots of storage problems. They were incapable of migrating our host to another storage and just stopped trying without notifying us. They are not even good as backup hosts.

Have a look at the Hetzner cloud. Also pretty cheap for quality and speed that you get.
If you need more storage go for a ded host with raid 1 and backup to a storage box (Hetzner).


So Easy, choose OVH. Only $3.5/mo, you will have 2GB ram. They have so many location from USA to EU. They have a new datacenter in Asia and Australia if your customers here.