Good VPS or option for personal use?

So I would like to host my own seafile, but I’m not sure where. I already have a Linode VPS, but even to get just 48GB of storage it’s $20 a month.

So what are some good options for a VPS or some type of cheap storage for personal use only? Or just some other better solution to use? I would hope to only pay about $5 to $10 per month max for 60GB to 100GB or more.


Hetzner has good VPS for a little more than the cheapest! Performance is decent!
If you ever need more than the available space there you can upgrade to a ded host with HDDs in a HW raid.

This one might fit your needs:
You have 1Gbit/s network cards, usually you have between 700-900 MBit/s available when doing speedtests, so it’s quiet good for a VPS.

Other provider might have better hw specs and might provide more storage, but it’s also a question of stability I guess. :slight_smile:


Hey thanks, yeah Hetzner looks like exactly the price and storage amount I am looking for.

And I didn’t even think about using a dedicated server. While I have setup a Linux VPS before, I have never setup or ran a dedicated server before, so not sure how much more work there is to manage one compared to a VPS.

Hetzner offers used servers at low prices: (German:

I run a server there and I’m completely satisfied with it.

I have never setup a VPS, so I cannot tell the difference either. But Hetzner has something they call “installimage”. It’s quite easy to use. Hetzner has an excellent Wiki and you can have a look at it:


That still requires knowledge when you have to change a harddrive because it’s damaged or/and if there are other issues with the HW. The pricing still allows decent HW for beginners as well as pros. :slight_smile:

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Oh yes, that’s right. I had to replace four disks in I think three years. In a RAID 1 that can be done without data loss. As I said, the Wiki is excellent.


Thanks for the information. It sounds fun and all to have my own dedicated server, but looking into it more it seems like a bit over kill just to run Seafile just for my self. The main issue is at that point I would want to use it for other things, but with the servers being in Germany it limits what I would really want to do with them. I wouldn’t want to host any public sites with me and my main audience being in the US.

Yeah, German laws. :smiley:

@Brett-Bailey Maybe this helps:

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And why you dont whant to use dropbox? They give you 1TB space for only 99,9$ per year, and you don’t need to setup and install any server and so on. They have clients for all platforms (desktop or mobile) and you only have to install it by one click.
Maybe it would be more interesting and profitable for you?

Why do we use PRIVATE clouds? :wink:
Seafile supports encryption as well, so not even the providers can access the stored data.

Dropbox Upload and Download is very slow in most cases. Woudn’t want to have any bottleneck there.

Well a friend of mine uses this:

Only 3/month for 1TB. If i didn’t have seafile at home i would probably use something like that.


If one is fine with:

100 Mbps Port Speed
200 Mbps Port Speed

Well ok.

Most people(including me) have MUCH less upload on home seafile servers. Usually also less download.

More to the point, bottleneck are usually clients.

That might be true for usage, but if one needs to put backup somewhere else it might take ages. If it’s with rsync it might be fine but with 1 cpu core it takes also ages :stuck_out_tongue:

I might use one of the bigger storage VPS as secondary backup storage though. Quiet cheap :smiley:
Here are Hetzners Storage boxes, also cheap and fast (as it’s via WAN, no traffic):

How is it about stability with those VPS?

One year back we used Contabo VPS with 2TB drives, they were unavailable all the time and the discs where corrupt once or twice a week. :-/

You are absolutely right. But it depends on a lot of “if”. If you need a fast speed, if you need a lot of space, if you need data encrypted and controlled by yourself, if you need it very cheap, and many many more.
So to be clear i didn’t say that dropbox is good and seafile is bad, i just suggested to Brett-Bailey this solution which might fits his needs. And thats it! :wink:

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As an alternative to using Dropbox he could also rent a Seafile account.

Hudson valley host has the best deals I’ve ever seen for high storage VPS. I’m using them and am pretty happy with the performance.

What about IOPS?

I give a second for Time4VPS. I have their 1TB storage server running Seafile server and also CrashPlan. Having it running CrashPlan gives me a cloud location for my laptops and desktops to back up to.
It is RAID6 spinning disks and NO BACKUPS. But since I have my data sitting on many clients and I figure if there is a total loss at Time4VPS it would not be the end of the world to recreate the handful of libraries I have and resync.
Pricing is great and their support is very responsive. Only downside would be that they have probably averaged about 10 mins of downtime every couple of months. It has been pretty solid lately, but for a while they had a lot of scheduled maint that included upgrading RAID firmware, BIOSes, and migrating to newer servers. The downtime was never long and they gracefully shut down your machine and fire it back up. Just make sure all your services (like seafile) are set to start up automatically at boot. Also, since they are on the other side of the world from me their downtime is often my daytime. But the 10 mins here and there has never really caused me any frustration and I only know about it because I have server monitoring in place with Zabbix that alerts me of downtime and reboots.
IOPS are what you would expect from slow spinning rust in a RAID 6. They allocate 200 iops, but it still manages to run Seafile fine and also deal with CrashPlan constantly compacting its data on the same volume.
Anyway, long story, but skinny is that I use Time4VPS Storage server for Seafile and already purchased another one for a different project.

How many users, how many data blocks, how many concurrent syncs?