Group Folders randomly get re-created every once and a while

Hello, our LDAP settings automatically import groups from AD, and users are able to add libraries to those groups obviously. But at least 4-5 times in the last 3 years, the groups all get brand new IDs in the database (im assuming its the ccnet database, Groups table). This causes all libraries in that group to “disappear” as they are still linked to the old ID. I can easily fix it by re-sharing the orphaned libraries with the “new” group in the admin area, but it’s a pain still, plus in the meantime everyone freaks out thinking the stuff is gone.

So like we have an AD group called Op Specs, it had an ID of 300, the next day the ID becomes 911 (all the other LDAP groups get a new ID too), and all of it’s libraries are still linked to ID 300 in the database, so of course when you browse that group in the site, it appears empty.

Is this something that was a known issue, something I’m maybe doing wrong in the settings? I recently upgraded from 6.x to 7.1, but the problem only comes up every 9 months or whatever anyways, last time it did it was on the 6.x version.


This issue is fixed in 8.0 version. The cause is that groups get renamed in AD. In older version, the group syncing is based on DN. So when group objects get renames, their DN change. In new version, we use object ID for syncing.