GTK 3 instead of QT

I moved to 17.04 recently, which introduced the move to gtk 3. This has some impact on QT applications. Such as seafile-applet

When i have dark theme in 17.04, the seafile gui colors do not match my theme, and some of the txt is blacked out. I can fix this with changing Exec=seafile-applet to Exec=seafile-applet -style=gtk in /usr/share/applications/seafile.desktop, which is just a work around to getting the basic, white theme on the gui.

It would be nice if seafile-applet was moved to gtk3, or at least be able to configure the themes from the settings.

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I don’t think that’s easily possible. Using either Qt or GTK is fundamental to the whole application and you don’t just change between them by flipping a flag or something like that.

But the Qt part could be improved to use native window decorations - that would probably help in your case, too.

Oooooo yes it would be a lot of work, but probably would be a good thing to look at for future versions. Until then my workaround seems to solve the issue.

Native window decorations would be very nice! :slight_smile: Is that achievable with reasonable expense?