Handling of git repositories


I posted this earlier in the german forum before I read about the “current situation” and that the forum accounts of the actual seafile developers have been closed. So I post this here again:

I plan to use the 3 person pro v6 of seafile once its out (hopefully in two weeks). I want to
use it primarily for my git repositories. I read in past seafile
versions this (could) have caused errors. What is (or will be in v.6) the handling of git repositries?

  1. Is the .git folder just ignored (actually I’d like to also backup my history if it’s possibel)?
  2. Is it backed up but without history (so like a simple copy to a network drive)?
  3. Is it handled like any other file? So is there a history of a history (seafile-history of the local-git-history)?

thanks in advance


Seafile handles .git directory just like any other folders. Seafile just borrows ideas from Git but don’t use git internally.