Hardware crash -- how to restore data

I have had a complete hardware fail on my armbian server and I have to setup a complete new system.
My seafile data are all stored on an external disk. I know that there is a command to restore the data, but I can’t remember / find it in the documentation.

Does any one know how to retore the data / folders ?


use seaf-fsck.sh to export the library, if you only care about the current state of the library, otherwise you can restore the database and use the same data directory


Have you backed up the database?

This is not correct. He can recover it using seaf-fsck with export option in that case. Another option would be to manipulate the new database to find the existing libraries. But that requires some knowledge on how it works.

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bI have no backup or better, my backup isn’t working, because I have made a beginner mistake. I have made a backup from mmcblk0p1 instead of mmcblk0. So my backup SD won’t boot :frowning:

I think that’s what need
cd seafile-server-latest
./seaf-fsck.sh --repair


You can make a new Partition layout with the same block size for mmcblkop1 and then dump the image on the partition. Of course this just makes sense if mmcblk0p1 is your root partition.

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thanks, that was the best way. I have installed armbian on the SD, that restore mmcblk0p1 via dd and now server is up again.

Next I will make a complete backup of mmcblk0 :slight_smile: