Have to install older version on debian

I’m using PureOS (debian derivate) and when I’m trying to install SF deamon and gui Im get the error message that libevent-2.0-5 is missing and it’s not to install.
SF was working til last upgrade so I’m searching for a way to install the older version of SF.


Use one of your backups and put in the new db and the new seafile-data or use your first installtion tarball. If you don’t have this anymore, maybe I or someone else can provide this file for you.

Do you really think Debian has propetairy components and is the DFSG not good enough for you?

Sorry, I don’t understand what your are meaning with:
Do you really think Debian has proprietary components and is the DFSG not good enough for you?

And I have first installed it via repository. So I don’t have a tarball. It would be nice if someone can provide my the tar for SF-Daemon and GUI

What version do you need?

Why use PureOS and not normal Debian.

You need to give us more information.

What exact version are you trying to install and how?

The Pureos Repository seems to contain exactly the version that is currently in Debian testing:
so there should not be a problem regarding libevent since it’s all built on the same distribution.

I’m using a HP x360 convertible Laptop and with Debian the sensors, onscreen keyboard and touch screen wasn’t working out of the box. But with PureOS all working fine. So I can use my Laptop in tablet mode :slight_smile:

Thx, I have had the wrong repro in my source list I have deleted my SF source.list and now I was able to install SF again.

Edit: Install via “software” was working, but SF isn’t starting. I have to check what happened.

Because I can’t see my last reply, I will post it again:
After removing SF complete via terminal I have reinstalled SF via “Software Application” and it was starting and syncing without any delay.
So the issue is solved