HEIF image format preview


as IOS11 stores pictures in the much improved HEIF format it would be nice to have previews of this as already done for JPGs :slightly_smiling_face:


+1 @daniel.pan is this possible? If I’m not mistaken it’s an open format. Well it’s not even a format it’s simply a container. Which I’m guessing makes it even easier.

Yap, it’s open. MPEG group :wink:

In fact, HEIC is different from JPG, which comes with limited compatibility. The downside is that you can only directly view and open it on iOS 11 as well as macOS High Sierra while the advantage is that it can take up less storage space than JPG, nearly 50%. This is the reason why it is considered as the most efficient format. JPG can work well with almost all operating systems so that it is regarded as the most compatible format.
Thankfully, there are some local supports from Apple to HEIF.
To save photos at a later time as JPG format, you can:
go for “Settings”>“Camera”>“Formats” and choose “Most Compatible”
To change HEIF format to JPG when tranfer to Mac or PC, you can:
go to “Settings”>“Photos”>Transfer to Mac or PC and choose “Automatic”.
However, you can only make use of powerful heic converter to convert the existing HEIC images to more acceptable format.

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I think the best option would be to sync heic/heif as is and add a jpeg conversation to Seahub to allow viewing them without iOS devices.


I think it should be accessed on manticonvert to do it