HELP - Can't Login after fresh install

I will start by saying my Linux skills are awful. I am a server and network admin in my dayjob but just don’t touch linux often. I ran through the automated installation script and I have no idea how and where to go to setup my GUI login account. There were no options to set domain name, user name, or any other info that I would need to login to the GUI interface. I can get to the GUI of the server via http://IPAddress but I cannot go any further. The manual online is good but it makes a lot of assumptions that I’m just not getting at the moment.

I am looking for exactly how to update the so I can get access. I mean exactly where the file should be and exactly how to open it. IE: type #xyz/abc … then type… Just saying I need to edit that file is not going to answer the question. And before anyone rants about that I should just know this or go home, we all start in linux somewhere right? so be kind.

I greatly appreciate the assistance.

I did see this in the manual. However, as indicated I cannot login to the system admin page to begin with. This is a fresh install via the script on the github site. The script did not ask or provide for credentials to login. The readme file also did not indicate in much detail.

well I found the default credentials in the installation log file so I am able to get in the GUI now.

I’m having the same problem after using the auto install script with seafile pro 6.2.4
where did you find the installation log?