Help recovering pictures

OK, long story short… I’d like to recover some pictures from my first hollidays with my wife. I’ve lost every backup except the splitted chunks I had on a seafile windows server some years ago.

Tried installing Seafile 6 on a modern windows 10 machine but I’ve spent several hours already and it seems like I can’t make it work no matter what I do.

I know there is a way to merge the chunks into full files again, using something called fuse interface but that seems to be valid for Linux only, and I know nothing about Linux.

I’d really like to recover them for obvious sentimental reasons… It’s a 7Gb folder, I will gladly pay a reasonable fee to anyone able to join all those chunks for me, or make my seafile server work again, please :slight_smile:

You find a list of professional Seafile partners at Partners - Seafile

If someone in the forum can help you, all the better.

Sounds like you are looking for the export function of seaf-fsck: