Help upgrading Seafile 7.0.5 to 8.0.8 on centos 7


I’ve been tasked with upgrading our Seafile server to the latest version we can use. This will be upgrading from 7.0.5 to 8.0.8. I’m not great with Linux, so I just wanted to make sure the steps were correct, as well as having 2 main questions.

  1. After reading this guide [Upgrade notes for 8.0.x - Seafile Admin Manual] the upgrade steps say to Stop Seafile-7.1.x server. We are using 7.0.5 so do we need to do a minor upgrade version to 7.1 before we go to 8.0 or can we ignore the 7.1 comment.

  2. I ran some of the pre req commands on a test server and had an issue with the sudo pip3 install mysqlclient==2.0.1 sqlalchemy==1.4.3

after running the command I received the error below.

#error This file requires compiler and library support for the
In file included from src/greenlet/greenlet_greenlet.hpp:11:0,
from src/greenlet/greenlet_internal.hpp:20,
from src/greenlet/greenlet.cpp:19:
src/greenlet/greenlet_refs.hpp:166:9: warning: identifier ‘nullptr’ is a keyword in C++11 [-Wc++0x-compat]
explicit PyObjectPointer(T* it=nullptr) : p(it)

unsure what this means. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

We’ve figured out the python error but still unsure about the upgrade path, if anyone has any ideas.

I don’t know the “official” answer, but looking in upgrade/ it looks like there is a “major” upgrade from 7.0 → 7.1 and 7.1 → 8.0 ( & “major” because they are called out and not just need to do the like a 7.0.x → 7.0.y upgrade.

Based on that, if I were doing this, I would look at doing a “major” upgrade to latest 7.1.x, then latest 8.0.x and would test the system after the 7.1.x upgrade.

Have you looked at the change logs for each version/step here? : Seafile Community Edition - Seafile Admin Manual

I recently took a seafile 6.X to seafile 10,
I was on Centos 6 and I upgraded it to ubuntu 22.04. either way you should just have to extract the installer into the same directory where the old 7.0.5 is at and then run the upgrade scrips in order and it will bring you to the current version. I have mine in a VM Container so I did a snapshot before making any changes so as to not break things but sounds like you started the upgrade. Just my .2
Hope that helps a bit.

Cheers mate, no we haven’t started it yet, I was just looking at the steps on a test machine :slight_smile: when it comes to the actual upgrade, the server will definitely be snapshotted!

Ah yes looking at that link 7.1 is indeed a major upgrade. We will have to go that route then. Thank you for the help!

If it helps I can send you my notes over I made lol :slight_smile:

The trials and tribulations of Seafile upgrades does need some serious work esp. in the documentation area. I used to support four clients on Seafile and now I’m down to one plus myself. It’s not helped I guess by the fragmentation in the Linux market with many different distros and varying component versions such as database server (MySQL, MariaDB), web server (Apache, nginx) and Python versions - plus all the modules.

The requirements of Seafile aren’t that long. Maybe an Excel workbook/table of the various major versions and the minimum/maximum versions of all the components would help. For example, I’m trying to get a clean install of Seafile v10 on Centos v8 stream (RHEL variant). Just hit a brick wall and I’ve checked the steps several times. It’s driving me to competitors :frowning: